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Hyde House is a British manufacturer making all bespoke furniture and joinery specifically to client’s design and requirement in our workshop is Hertfordshire. Furniture can be finished in a broad range of veneer, glass, mirror, faux skins, real hides, luxurious fabrics, silver leaf, gilt and high gloss to the size and design you require.

endless designs

After experimenting with wallpaper in the workshop, Hyde House has developed a unique resin that allows you – the designer – to specify your choice of wallpaper to be used as a perfect and highly robust finish on…
Console Tables | Coffee Tables | Bedside Tables | Cabinets | Wall Panelling | Headboards | Vanity Units …and more! You can specify this finish on endless furniture designs.

step 1

You select your wallpaper of choice to be used as a finish for your custom made furniture.

step 2

Hyde House manufactures your specified furniture design, hand made and finished by our talented craftsman.

step 3

Beautiful, bespoke furniture featuring your unique chosen RESINATE finish which will last for many years to come.

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By introducing wallpaper as a RESINATE finishing option, the choices become endless. Rather than being limited to veneer and paint, there is a now truly a plethora of options to create furniture that is unique, as well as distinctive, hard wearing and affordable.

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Please note this system has been tested and has worked on wallpapers from suppliers such as Zinc, Osbourne & Little, Sahco, Brian Yates, Philip Jefferies, Cole & Son, Altfield and Fromental to name but a few. It has proven to be robust enough to use on vanity units, kitchens and entire runs of cupboard doors.